PHOTO: Jennifer Hudson poses for 'V' magazine

Jennifer Hudson has already accomplished so much and the singer turned actress has plenty more where that came from.

In an interview with "V" Magazine, J-Hud reveals that she’s finally taking control of her own music career. 

“Earlier in my career I was just a soloist singing other people’s songs. Now I really want to be an artist. I want to lift the people up, have fun, create a moment,” she said.

“I have my own visions that I want to bring to life. People think I sit in church all day or stay at home and stare at my Oscar. It’s like I’m a nun or the President or something,” she explains.

“I realized that people don’t really know who I am. It just feels like it’s time to take the training wheels off, you know? Let them see me.”

She also revealed that she gets a lot of her flavor from her days of hanging out in gay clubs as a teenager.

“I used to go out to the gay clubs when I was a kid.  We were 16 or 17 and my best friend would pretend to be my manager. He’d have business cards made up and he’d negotiate for me to sing for $25 a song,” she said.

“I’d have these amazing drag queens style me up and down, honey. They would be up there lip-synching and then I’d get up and sing for real—some Whitney Houston or some old-school Shirley Murdock and I would make all the money. That was like my training, basically.”


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